Something Interesting in the Woodshed


It’s a hard life living with the Vicar, you know.  She hasn’t allowed us to get on the computer all weekend (some nonsense about ‘church’ and ‘work’ and having to ‘write sermons’).  What’s more, she keeps us cooped up in the house like a pair of Anchorites.

Well, the proverbial worm has turned.  On Saturday, the Editor of the Most Improved Parish Magazine in the Diocese 2008 came round to do a photoshoot for our regular column, and while the Vicar wasn’t looking, we slipped her our latest article: the launch of the ‘Free the Vicarage Two’ campaign.  Be sure to read all about it on Sunday.

In the meantime, that nice Churchwarden let us out into the back porch, where we explored the privy and the woodshed.  We especially liked the woodshed, where we felt very close to Our Lord.  We know he was a carpenter, because Woody Guthrie said so.

Anyway, we were so pleased with our new adventure that we rewarded the Churchwarden royally: Mary headbutted him, and Martha covered his wife’s trousers with cat hair.  Pastoral care – it’s what we do best.


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