A Monster in the Vicarage

We have to be quick, as we’ve snuck on the computer whilst The Monster is away from the Vicarage for an hour.  When it arrived this morning, Mary went down to greet it, and it certainly looked like the Webmeister.  But when it emerged from the dining room, it had turned completely blue and was brandishing an alarming array of weapons shaped like brushes, rollers and trays.  Then we didn’t know what it was at all, and we were quite scared, so we ran away and hid.

When the Vicar got home, she said that the Monster was the Webmeister, just wearing a big blue overall.  But we are not so easily taken in.  We had a quick peek into the dining room, and discovered to our horror that the Blue Monster is in the process of turning all the walls blue as well!

Most worrying of all, the Monster seems to have a large amount of masking tape, which it is liberally sticking all over the white bits round the walls.  This makes us very nervous indeed, as we have unpleasant memories of the Vicar wielding rolls of tape when we moved house. 




The upshot of it all, gentle reader, is that we are steering well clear of the Monster, the dining room and the Vicar too.  If anyone has seen the real Webmeister, please let us know, as we love him and we could do with a cuddle.  Plus we’d just finalised the paint colours with him, and he’s due to come and redecorate the dining room.



5 responses to “A Monster in the Vicarage

  1. The monster may be scary, wait until you see the new cleaner in a frilly apron.

  2. Can’t be worse than the Vicar in a Tigger apron, surely…

  3. Yes it is. you will be very amewsed.

  4. Everything-but-the-pope

    We demand to see a photo of this new cleaner, complete with frilly apron, as soon as possible! I hope they will be coordinating the colour of their apron depending on which room they are cleaning. Cats have impeccably good taste and their sensibilities are easily offended.

  5. tessa thompson


    Dear Mary & Martha

    Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower’s sweet
    But the fruit of the poor lemon is …………..

    Being mere young things, you may not know the missing words to the above song so here’s your chance to get on the internet and do some research. You will then know why the half lemon was left to rot.

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