O Oriens

advent-wreath-4It’s the fourth Sunday of Advent.  Today we light our candle on the Advent Wreath for the Blessed Virgin Mary, and remember how she became a tabernacle for the Lord when she said “yes” to God’s plan at the Annunciation. The celebration of Advent IV is generally considered to  be a good thing in the Vicar’s books, but today she’s a little peeved, because it means that her favourite O Antiphon gets somewhat overshadowed. morning-star3Today is the day we greet Christ as Oriens, the Morning Star.  Right at the end of the Hebrew Bible, God declares through the prophet Malachi that “the Sun of Justice” will arise. Christ is the Sun of Justice,  who will arise with healing in his wings; he is the bright Morning Star which never sets, shedding light on all creation.

 O Morning Star,

Splendour of Light everlasting,

and the Sun of Justice:

Come, and enlighten

those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death.



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