Martha’s Big Adventure

Martha's mugshot, distributed everywhere
Martha’s mugshot, distributed everywhere

While Martha is fast asleep on the hall rug, Mary writes:

 To celebrate the New Year, Martha disappeared from home for two nights and two and a half days this week.  This left me, Lily & Alma, the Vicar and the Elf in a state of frantic worry.  Fliers were distributed, posters were put up, candles lit and many prayers were said, until eventually a neighbour recognised her picture and phoned the Vicarage.

The Vicar and the Elf hot-footed it over, and found her cowering under a bush.  She came back to us tired, hungry and scared, but unhurt.  More prayers were said, and more tears were shed – but this time they were of gladness and not desperation.

Canonisation proceedings are now in place for the neighbour who spotted her, the Elf (who did most of the legwork delivering fliers) and Maureen from Gosport Town Cats Protection, whose help, advice and support were invaluable to us through the whole ordeal.

candle-animated As today is the Feast of Saint Felix of Nola, who is the Patron of domestic animals (for reasons which are not, to be fair, entirely clear), we light this cyber-candle for all animals who are lost, and the humans who are searching for them.

May God their Creator watch over them, the prayers of the Saints aid them, and the Holy Angels bring them in safety to their homes.  Amen


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