Advent Gingerbread

Oh dear.  The Saint Nick’s Day Fayre is approaching once more (yes, we know Saint Nick’s Day was a while back, but don’t pick holes in the Parish programme please).  You might think this is a fun and frolicsome event for the whole family, but you would be wrong.  Very wrong.

Not content with trying to poison the congregation by making them fairy cakes, the Vicar is now threatening to embark on a new culinary endeavour and make cookies to sell – yes, sell – to the unsuspecting people of Forton.  We all know the Vicar is less than domesticated, and frankly, dear reader, this can only end badly.

Luckily we have found a natty little place on the Internet where it’s possible to enjoy all the fun of the icing without any of the actual getting your paws dirty.  In order to recommend this (much safer) course of action to the Vicar, we have embarked on our own little project.  Hopefully it will remind her that she is more suited to the Sanctuary than the kitchen.  You can view our offering by clicking here.


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