All White on the Night

For the last few days, it seems as if everyone in Britain has had snow except us.  Just when the Vicar was starting to get really grumpy about this, the Arctic Oscillation finally obliged us with the white stuff this evening.

The Vicar, clad in two wellington boots (sensible), one gardening glove (slightly bizarre) and no coat (downright idiotic), made a pathetic excuse about having to put out the fox’s dinner, then ran around the garden for ages in a barely contained state of overexcitement.

We, of course, were more circumspect about the whole thing, and spent most of the evening just looking at the snow from the warmth and safety of the study.  But, snow is snow, and you do have to have a little walk in it just to make sure your paws are still waterproof.  So, for your edification and delight, we present the following pics:

Does she expect us to go out in that?

So that's where it comes from!

Cover me, I'm going out there ...

Anyone know how you build an igloo?

Actually, the novelty's wearing off now.

Told you.

And then, dear Reader, we made our excuses and left ...


2 responses to “All White on the Night

  1. Paws for thought, wet cold foot’s are good for shaking. Well done girls.

  2. Hope you left paw prints for the elf to clean up.

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