Who Are We?

Martha Clare martha-bishop.gif and Mary Katherine mary-bishop.gif

Chaplains, Companions and all-round Guardian Angels to the Vicar of Forton.

We were born in 2004, and lived in Camberwell, South London, for three years before moving down to Gosport in Hampshire.

Our interests include birdwatching, fish and chips and flirting with the parishioners.

We hope you enjoy our site.


Visit me on my personal profile page at zooClub

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Visit me on my personal profile page at zooClub

Join zooClub pet community


5 responses to “Who Are We?

  1. A drowned parishioner!

    And don’t they ever flirt!!!

  2. Dear Mary & Martha

    Greetings from London and congratulations on your new blog.

    Yes, I too can vouchsafe for the fact that Mtr Carrie has never peeled a vegetable in her life but she is a dab hand at opening jars of Polish pickled cucumbers.

  3. Everything-but-the-pope

    You two describe yourselves very modestly as ‘chaplains and companions’ to the vicar, but your hats give it away. In the photo, you are clearly wearing bishops’ hats: the vicar only wears a biretta, so it’s very clear who is the boss.

  4. Denise J Brennan

    My name is Denise Brennan.
    I live in Jupiter, Florida.
    I am in the process of publishing Views from the Cross, a book of 18 Meditations.
    These contain conversations shared by saints and others with the Risen Christ.
    I want to be sure of having permission to use an image of St Maximilian Kolbe taken from Googe Images.
    Thank you,

  5. Pierre Douyon

    My name is Pierre Douyon and I am located in southeast Florida, USA (a bit south of Denise who left a message above). I am looking to purchase/commission a poster and would like to use the St. Maximilian Kolbe image. Could you please tell me where you found this image or if I could commission you for it? Many thanks for your help!
    In Christ,

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