Vatican Kitty

OK, so we know there are lots of things wrong with this. The Pope is in big disgrace with us for lifting the excommunication of a Holocaust-denying Bishop, and we’re no fans of animals in circuses anyway.

But still, you gotta love it:


Atheist Buses and Christian Pusses

(Note: There is actually only one Puss.  The title of this post is a shameless demonstration of the fact that we, unlike the powers that be at Gosport Bus Station, know how to spell the plural of “bus.”)

Those of you with good medium-term memory may recall the excitement over a set of Atheist adverts being put on buses, carrying the natty slogan “There’s probably no God.  Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

no-atheist-busIt seems this advice has not been heeded by one Christian bus driver in Southampton, who refused to drive a bus displaying said advert, and was sent to bed without any tea by his employers.  Presumably he was previously perfectly happy to drive about in buses advertising capitalist multinationals, bearing exploitative images of women and encouraging us to go out and spend money on goodness knows what rubbish – but there you are, that’s Scummerland for you.

Meanwhile, a happier news story hails from our old stomping ground of Southwark Diocese.  It seems the Cathedral has adopted a cat, who rejoices in the name of Doorkins Magnificat. 










The tabby stray started showing up at the Cathedral around Christmass time, and is now first in the queue to be let into the Temple of the Lord by the Vergers each morning.  He was Christened Magnificat in honour of Our Lady, to whom the Cathedral is dedicated (it’s actually the Cathedral Church of S. Saviour and S. Mary Overie – the Vicar wants us to point out that this is definitely not “Saint Mary’s Ovaries,” which are something quite different).

Anyway, the Doorkins bit is apparently because he hangs about in doors, and is in no way poking fun at a famous atheist with a similar nomenclature.  Yeah, whatever.  You can read the full story here in the South London Press, Streatham’s most famous product (or possibly only product, except the Vicar).  

We’re heartened by the suggestion that there may soon be a cat flap at Southwark Cathedral.  We recently had one installed, courtesy of a charming man called Andy.  We find it both useful and fun, and regularly stand in front of it waiting for the Vicar to open it for us.  She seems to think we ought to do it ourselves.  Honestly, have you ever heard of such a thing?

Martha’s Big Adventure

Martha's mugshot, distributed everywhere
Martha’s mugshot, distributed everywhere

While Martha is fast asleep on the hall rug, Mary writes:

 To celebrate the New Year, Martha disappeared from home for two nights and two and a half days this week.  This left me, Lily & Alma, the Vicar and the Elf in a state of frantic worry.  Fliers were distributed, posters were put up, candles lit and many prayers were said, until eventually a neighbour recognised her picture and phoned the Vicarage.

The Vicar and the Elf hot-footed it over, and found her cowering under a bush.  She came back to us tired, hungry and scared, but unhurt.  More prayers were said, and more tears were shed – but this time they were of gladness and not desperation.

Canonisation proceedings are now in place for the neighbour who spotted her, the Elf (who did most of the legwork delivering fliers) and Maureen from Gosport Town Cats Protection, whose help, advice and support were invaluable to us through the whole ordeal.

candle-animated As today is the Feast of Saint Felix of Nola, who is the Patron of domestic animals (for reasons which are not, to be fair, entirely clear), we light this cyber-candle for all animals who are lost, and the humans who are searching for them.

May God their Creator watch over them, the prayers of the Saints aid them, and the Holy Angels bring them in safety to their homes.  Amen

So here it is…

elf-lights… Merry Christmass!

By way of a seasonal gift, the whole family has picked out our favourite videos for you to enjoy.  Happy Christmass viewing.


From Mary and Martha:



From Lily and Alma:


christmass-lights-22From the Vicar (and you thought the Curate in the giant Christingle was bad…):


The blessings of the Christ Child be on you all.



It’s Christmass Eve, and here at the Vicarage we’re all excited about the coming of Christ tomorrow (and Santa Paws tonight).

But first, back on 17th December, we promised we’d tell you what was so neat about the way the O Antiphons are arranged.  Well, those clever Mediaeval bods who put them together clearly had a great deal of prophetic foresight about the arrival of the Blog genre, because they wanted you to get to Christmass Eve and then read the seven titles backwards.  If you do, you get this:









The seven first letters spell out two Latin words: Ero Cras, which mean: “I am coming tomorrow.”

Alleluya!  Come, Lord, come!


O Emmanuel

Today’s Antiphon, the last, sums up all six that have gone before it, and the whole meaning of the festival to come: the Christ Child truly is Emmanuel, God with us. 

In the person of Jesus Christ, God is with us always and everywhere.  Now we look forward to his coming at Christmass.

O Emmanuel,

our King and Lawgiver,

the one whom the peoples await,

and their Saviour:

Come to save us,

O Lord our God.


O Rex Gentium

zion-aslan-21Today is the penultimate day of the O Antiphons, and the turn of Rex Gentium, King of the Nations.  As the days have progressed, the Antiphons have been moving through salvation history.  We have seen how the coming of Christ is rooted in Hebrew scripture and tradition, but is good news for all people in all times.

Today is the most explicit of the Antiphons: Christ is for everybody.  Following the prophet Haggai, we proclaim Christ as the Desire of Nations.  He is able to break down the barriers between people of different ethnicities and backgrounds, and make us one.

O King of the nations,

and their desire,

Cornerstone who makes both one:

Come, and save humanity,

whom you formed from clay.