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The earthquake in Haiti has caused devastation in a country already beset by poverty and deprivation.  In addition to the news reports, here is an email from Fr. Kesner Ajax, outlining some of the effects on Haiti’s 180,000 Anglicans:

Dear Friends in Christ:
We have devastating news to share with you from Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake yesterday. According to reports I have received here in Les Cayes, the damage in Port au Prince and areas around it is terrible.
There is no Cathedral. The entire Holy Trinity complex is gone. The convent for the Sisters of St. Margaret is gone. The Bishop’s house is gone. College St. Pierre is gone. The apartment for College St. Pierre is still standing. Bishop no longer has a house in which to live.
In Trouin, four people were killed during a service.
In Grand Colline, the church is gone.
In St. Etienne, the church is gone.
In Les Cayes, BTI is OK, but some people were injured trying to get out of the buildings during the quake. The rectory in Les Cayes is in very bad condition
The Rev. Kesner Ajax
Executive Director, Bishop Tharp Institute (BTI)


Please give what you can to help the people of Haiti.  For details of how to give, or to donate online, please click here.